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Another day in Paradise

My personal blog about my life and especially my way back to compete in an Ironman Race

What was on today

... basically very busy again... preparing to leave for a week of holidays to see my family Laughing - well, there is quite a pile of work I'll simply have to do after my return into the office chair in a week. Managed at least to get in another run, almost a copy of the interval set a few days ago: 13km overall with 4x2km between 3:50 and 3:30min/km average squeezed into the run. The legs feel muchf lighter already, hope to back for good in a few weeks, so it's not sooo difficult to start into the workouts until I am feeling OK... - all right, I wanted to make a picture of the awesome enlightened paths now existent around where one can run at night now, but I have to pack my suitcase and get ready for the flight tomorrow that's going to happen after an interesting appointment that could lead to another blog, we'll see!

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Long Day...

... a looooong work day, today. Just back now and ready for a 45min very easy run, just to relax ... and to keep my promise to train at least once a day if no "higher" powers like family or illness prevent me from it Cool. Good thing is we'll most probably see a new multi-day run event around our Dunes of Corralejo Half Marathon next year... more info to come about this one. 

By the way: will be live this Friday on www.triathlon-szene.de see 'ya !

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I did it again

b2ap3_thumbnail_olaf_swim.pngJust back from yet another swim ....Innocent

Today I already felt a little better, although of course it'll last quite a while until I will be back to more or less what about 6 years ago when I did my last race and then almost completely stopped swimming...

2500m overall, of which 2000m straight with a 25m acceleration after every 200m turn first, then 5x100m techique stuff.

Now preparing stuff for the "5km de San Silvestre" fun run the 28th this months - not that I will participate, am involved into the organisation...

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Today's workout

me competing at IM Lanzarote 2009...19km of running today, some of it on road, most of it on trails, averaging a tranquilo 4:45min/km.

Boy, need to get used to running longer distances, although this felt much better than my first run some 2 weeks ago... which was 25min only...!

Tried some new paths with stunning views Surprised down to the kite-surf-busy beaches, los Lobos and Lanzarote islands.

If only this island would have more inhabitants - saw soooo many nice houses in an abandoned zone just up the Dunes.... they could live there and let it flourish. 


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Today's Workout

Got in today: 2000m again, swimming. Sounds little, is little. But as I am starting out it's enough for the moment, as well: Did 600m warm up, then a series getting faster until the end (at least feeling like it, not watching the clock at this stage.... better for my mental, for sure): 8x50, 5x100, 200 and 300m, then a 100m cool down. Rest of the day commited to socializiing, Christmas preparation and dinner! 

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Timing & Promise

This morning busy with applicating some finishing touches to a race timing system I programmed based on a tiny Java Console program saving rfid tag reads of participants into a MongoDB combined with a Nodejs local server and html5 "website". It's simply ridiculously fast and awesome what can be done nowadays in like no time!!! A quick screenshot of the user interface (the "website") and then off I am to get some swimming in, promised!


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Today's workout

b2ap3_thumbnail_Olaf_72P6975.jpgso... everything tagged with "training" will be usually just a short description of my daily training leading up to my Ironman Lanzarote 2016 adventure. Thought it'd be interesting to see what I train versus the outcome in the race later for everyone Laughing.

Being just back from my today's workout - had to go on "my stadium" loop - close-by (about 400m from the hotel) is a 1050m long rectangular place surrounded by streets with footwalk and bike lane; not much traffic and if so very slow. 

It also has lights - so simply ideal for running when it's dark already or when doing some intervals. Today we (our sales manager Chicho and I) warmed up on the newly finished bike paths down to the beach, then did 4x2km a bit faster on the "stadium loop" at 3:50 - 3:35min/km for the last one and cooled down 10min, overall a 13km run

Makes me happy - why? Just started running again 2 weeks ago with a 25min "jogg" at 6min/km pace - yielding quite a pain the next day in my quads... didn't run in about 6months.... 

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Is it swimming?

That was yesterday. Yes, I started swimming, again - although it sounds unbelievable... even to myself... 2000m, 27C in our pool which is at the moment partly covered because our swim groups start to invade Corralejo from shortly after Christmas, so at the moment we're saving a lot of energy using our pool covers (even though it's still in the 20s over daytime). Ask me in 4 weeks, how my arms feel after a swim workout, not now please. And skip asking for the 100m average until in about 2months more...

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Back on track?

Back on track?

OK - it's been a while now since I have not been sooo active after I had to quit my professional triathlon carreer due to a knee injury almost 6 years ago.

Since then, many things have happened in my life, and finally I stranded in a triathlete's paradise:

I am working since 2.5 years at the Oasis Sports & Family Resort on Fuerteventura island, where before this occupation and during my pro carreer I went frequently to train... year-round sunny weather, never cold and quite a remote place in terms of traffic make it simply the ideal sports place.

We have a 50m, heated outdoor pool and pretty ideal running and cycling routes around... but I have not been working out much - primarily because I still suffered a long time from the injury, then because I have been very busy with many things I'll probably talk about in later blog posts.

But to make it short now... My knee is still bothering me, but much, much less than before and I simply need to make use of this awesome place I am living at... 

I needed a goal though to commit to.

I will sign up for one of my absolute favoured races I had the pleasure to compete at during my carreer - Ironman Lanzarote right now is just a 25min ferry-trip away for me, so 2016 I'll be "doing it" again Cool - of course nowadays I am an age grouper and have to adjust my goals, I don't have that much time for training as before, but the more I "need it"!

I was thinking (and still am) that enough people might find it interesting to see an "old man" coming back as an age-grouper, who has been racing successfully as a professional before to blog here from now on about what's going on in training and life in general, so I'll let it begin today and see where the journey will lead!



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