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Another day in Paradise

My personal blog about my life and especially my way back to compete in an Ironman Race

another one

This past week has been again a lot of running, only 2x managed to get on the ibke - 1x1h and 1x 92km at a good base pace. The runs - 1x24km with some km as fast as 3:45min/km -, 1x 10km, 1x21km the latter ones really easy at around 4:45min/km pace. Swimming 3x ... 2x1km and 1x2.5km, I'll try to get out tomorrow for another 20km run at base pace and a swim.
Tonight I have been busy with forwarding the next step of the new Joomla! tricoach component I am currently programming, a tcx file parser showing your data in a nice graph and if you lilke a map also whith your workout's route. The next days I will probably save that as an additional feedback of an athlete together wiith a workout (as image plus the average and some calculated values like based on NTP). Here is a previev on youtube

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in the making

this week still quite busy, I am currently working on the next version of my triathlon (and the new one any endurance sport) coaching component, the other one has become a bit rusty. The new one is for the latest Joomla 3 series and is based around jQuery Fullcalendar and single workouts instead of a whole week. That yields a lot more flexibility and the views can contain a lot more info on less space, allowing one to "do" everything from one place quickly. Here is a link to a quick uncommented preview . Training was good this week in terms of running - summed up to 80km, the knee is fine with it at the moment. On the bike much less and on the swim - 4.5km swim and 175km, respectively. 


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