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Weeks's wrap up

another week has passed by and it's been a sunny one with the winds blowing from southerly directions for a change here on Fuerteventura. Today I was thinking (again) what a luxury - mid December and still way over 20C for the temperatures... 
Well, this week has been a bit up and down, due to a minor bad cold and a lot of things apart from training to be done, I only got 2x running (14km a little faster up to 3:25/km) and 20km very easy in, 3 rides of 68km, 32km and 25km, at good to easy base pace and a 1km, a 2km and a 3.5km swim workout. The olympic pool is at 27C so except for lack of time there would be no reason to not swim longer Innocent. All right - hungry now, have to make the cat (meanwhile 3 are coming home often to get their "hugs" and "treats") leave my bely and go grab some food!

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