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Hi, everyone - interested in reading how I'm doing? This is where you will find what I am willing to share publicly ...

update overdue !

Well - the past 2 weeks I have been able to slowly recover the lost grounds from the injury, but running still feels quite weird and slow after the long pause. I managed to run longer distances though and am pretty sure now I should be able to finish the Ironman Lanzarote "somehow" should nothing unforeseen happen. 3x20km and 2x30km over the past 2 weeks - of vourse with some decent pain in the quads mainly but happy to be back running for good. In the later stages of such distances I can really feel my knee again, but it is probably at a level that is "normal" for my age group now ! : ) Cycling - have done little because I needed to get back into running first, like 180-200km a week in sum, but frequently at race pace which should make up for the small mileage, today's ride was good on an out-and back route with some ups and downs and the usual winds of the island I managed to time-trial 41km in one hour, first time I feel almost like "when I was young". Swimming... OK I am happy it is not the most important part of it !!! So yes, things are OK and I am looking forward to race week now !!!

Happy Anyway