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Sun and famous ones

this past week we have been experiencing still the same weather more or less with the majority of the days having the wind coming from southerly directions. I can recall 2 days only which had more or less the normal northerly air movement. Loads of sun and the swimming pool without too much heating effort at 27C. So the 3 swims (3km each time) were a pleasure, apart from still being a bit out of shape in the water. Cycling was 90, 60 and 70km and I got 7, 9, 14 and 21km of running at easy paces except for 8km at some half Ironman distance pace at 3:30-3:40min per km within the 14k run. The past 2 weeks also had an olympic swim champion and Marcel Zamora (5times Ironman France and a number times Embrun winner) at the Papagayo, so  we are hosting some famous ones from time to time : ) 

another week in paradise