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south east winds

The winds have been blowing unusually from the south-east now for almost a month here on Fuerteventura. Today again which made the first part of the bike ride a bit sandy as we started through the dunes. Anyway a very good week lies behind me almost, with two additions coming tomorrow - another swim and a run of 20-25km. Got 4 rides in since monday, a 20km easy Mountainbike ride, a 90km, a 60km and a 130km ride on the race bike at a good base pace. Ran monday, tuesday, wednesday and friday mostly easy with a few km at faster pace up to 3:30min per km summing up to about 50km and swam 1x3km and 1x4.5km so far, longer intervals at easy paces. Now swimming will get a little trickier over the next weeks, during the holiday season we'll host a lot of swim groups at the Oasis Papagayo, but somehow it's for sure going to work : )

another week closer
another week in paradise