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Happy Anyway

Well. In Germany we put it like this: Experience does not protect from being dumb every now and then. I was really happy with the Ironman Lanzarote Race today until after the bike portion. Always with the brakes on because I did not race in 7 years and didn't quite have the preparation I used to have I put on my running shoes with almost no pain anywhere and feeling realy comfy and happy. Starting the run felt very smooth from the first meters, something that's unusual for me but OK when you're saving some energy on the previous disciplines it makes things a lot easier. After about 4km intoo the run my feet started to hurt like hell. I should have put my inlays.... impossible to run like that. So I decided to call it a day. 
Wrap up: Really, really happy with my knee today, almost no pain noticeable - what a change from not being able to climb stairs without a horrible pain to compete in an Ironman Race without too much trouble! Happy to have raced after such a long time and I can hold up pretty well with my age "groupies" ( I think I was first of the bike) without too much preparation still, and usually running is my strength : ) Not so happy with having to quit because I waasn't very smart. 
95% happy anyway, enjoyed race day a lot today!!

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