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back in the game?

phew... in the end it turns out that it has simply been "blockages" and "disbalances" that caused my trouble and over a month without running. I am back running after 2 ostheopatic treatments althougn very gentle at the moment - but I will have 3 weeks time to train running as well before the Ironman Lanzarote if things stay like they are now :) ran 4x this week, 25min going a little longer every time and today 11km, all at very easy pace and very focused on staying in balance with the spine, hips, legs but... it kind of works at least. Will probably end up doing the slowest ever of my Ironman marathons but chances are I can finish the race completely and do not have to stop after the bike portion. Next week I am on holidays : ) and will train properly !!

decision made