..this week our olympic pool here at the Oasis Papagayo has been constantly at 28C, this winter is somewhat "normalised" compared to the last 2, meaning the regular Fuerteventura winter temperatures are back with well over 20C over the days and nights not too much cooler. And the team is getting the hang of how to maintain everything well, no incidents with none of the heatings. A good reason to get into the water a bit more often, swam 3.2, 1.4, 1.6, and 3km this week. Cycling had to suffer from too much other to-dos, 2x53km with some over-gearing up the little ramp to Vallebron from Tindaya's direction was what I got in, running was quite good compared with a 23km run, a 13km run with some 5km at 3:30 - 3:45min /km, a 14km run with 7km at that somewhat faster pace and an easy 10km run at about 4:50min / km. Soon I will try to start little by little with some pace-work on the bike to get used again to race pace towards the Ironman in May : )