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Another day in Paradise

My personal blog about my life and especially my way back to compete in an Ironman Race

More to come

Quite a pity, I couldn't finish the race, yesterday due to being so risky with the inlays... I went for a completely normal run, today and swam as if there had been no yesterday. I really think after these 7 years - the first ones without training due to the state of my knee - I am recovered and healed enough to get involved a bit more again with triathlon. Feel much better now as I am moving again and will try to keep that up : ) - racing in the age group as well is much less stress than as a pro I experienced yesterday, in the end more enjoyable. So... there is more to come! Next up is the relay in Roth, I'll run the marathon. Although easy because it's not a relay with a time goal, rather the goal to finish it and have fun. Then... well I have some plans growing in my head I didn't think they would come up before that race yesterday. Will keep posting...

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Happy Anyway

Well. In Germany we put it like this: Experience does not protect from being dumb every now and then. I was really happy with the Ironman Lanzarote Race today until after the bike portion. Always with the brakes on because I did not race in 7 years and didn't quite have the preparation I used to have I put on my running shoes with almost no pain anywhere and feeling realy comfy and happy. Starting the run felt very smooth from the first meters, something that's unusual for me but OK when you're saving some energy on the previous disciplines it makes things a lot easier. After about 4km intoo the run my feet started to hurt like hell. I should have put my inlays.... impossible to run like that. So I decided to call it a day. 
Wrap up: Really, really happy with my knee today, almost no pain noticeable - what a change from not being able to climb stairs without a horrible pain to compete in an Ironman Race without too much trouble! Happy to have raced after such a long time and I can hold up pretty well with my age "groupies" ( I think I was first of the bike) without too much preparation still, and usually running is my strength : ) Not so happy with having to quit because I waasn't very smart. 
95% happy anyway, enjoyed race day a lot today!!

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update overdue !

Well - the past 2 weeks I have been able to slowly recover the lost grounds from the injury, but running still feels quite weird and slow after the long pause. I managed to run longer distances though and am pretty sure now I should be able to finish the Ironman Lanzarote "somehow" should nothing unforeseen happen. 3x20km and 2x30km over the past 2 weeks - of vourse with some decent pain in the quads mainly but happy to be back running for good. In the later stages of such distances I can really feel my knee again, but it is probably at a level that is "normal" for my age group now ! : ) Cycling - have done little because I needed to get back into running first, like 180-200km a week in sum, but frequently at race pace which should make up for the small mileage, today's ride was good on an out-and back route with some ups and downs and the usual winds of the island I managed to time-trial 41km in one hour, first time I feel almost like "when I was young". Swimming... OK I am happy it is not the most important part of it !!! So yes, things are OK and I am looking forward to race week now !!!

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It is a bit more than a week now, that I "can run again". It is still not very "funny", but it is getting better by the day. So the big test will be this weekend, I will try to run at least 25km and see if the legs can cope with it, at least running slowly... it is always quite difficult to start over again with running, other than cycling which is not so "muscularly demanding". Ran 4x 10-11km now and this distance at least is feeling Ok although still not like before. 

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back in the game?

phew... in the end it turns out that it has simply been "blockages" and "disbalances" that caused my trouble and over a month without running. I am back running after 2 ostheopatic treatments althougn very gentle at the moment - but I will have 3 weeks time to train running as well before the Ironman Lanzarote if things stay like they are now :) ran 4x this week, 25min going a little longer every time and today 11km, all at very easy pace and very focused on staying in balance with the spine, hips, legs but... it kind of works at least. Will probably end up doing the slowest ever of my Ironman marathons but chances are I can finish the race completely and do not have to stop after the bike portion. Next week I am on holidays : ) and will train properly !!

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decision made

...still not able to run. I am in physio treatment but at the moment to no avail. Anyway I made a decision - I will participate in the Ironman Lanzarote and prepare as good as possible over the remaining few weeks, to at least enjoy swimming and cycling. Yesterday I started getting back on track, not much time but of the 1hr ride 45min were at race pace and actually although I am definitely far from what I could do when I was in shape, the legs are coping allright with it. So I hope that at least the 180km bike part will be fun and not too slow - swiming will be a fight with the ocean but I would say I am at least on a "beat the hour" plan : )

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tourist or not

It's been quite a while since my last blog post and it's for not such a nice reason: Mainly I've not been training much exactly due to a calf injury since a number of weeks. Running is still impossible, but I am back on the bike more or less, and a lot of work is causing a miminal training schedule. I hope I can get rid soon of the injury - else I am going to enjoy the Ironman Race on Lanzarote until after the bike portion and then maybe walk... for sure it is now an even bigger adventure than ever before with a far less than usual preparation... Will now try to post updates more regularly, promise!

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rest of this week

This week has been a bit on an off, managed only to get 2x on the bike, but the Saturday ride was fun, 140km and a bit of hills : ). Had to skip the long run though this week but ran 4x in total (2x10, 1x11 and 1x5km, the latter in the middle of the night but I just had to move that day at least that little bit). Swimming ... also wasn't too good but at tleast I swam 4x although the total of 5.5km is not soooo much. The weather remains to just be awesome, Saturday was one of the nicest/easiest rides I experienced here so far due to the winds being quite low. 

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sign of live

...long since my last post! I am still alive, though Laughing and rolling on towards Ironman Lanzarote. At least 3x run, bike and swim the last two weeks I got in, mostly easy base pace - 40-50km running, 180-210km cycling and a week with 15!km swimming and the other with 8km. The last 3 days I had to try hard to avoid a bad cold which feels today like I succeeded by not overdoing - just ran twice 11 and 7km easy and swam 1000m the other day. Today back on the race bike with a nice 50km loop overgearing up the hill from Tindaya to Vallebron. Will hopefully get a swim in a little later before closing the olympic pool, too.
It's about time to get serious now with the workouts, a bit more than 3 months are left for the preparation... I guess I will be freaking out enough to start with some race pacing from next week and build that up slowly.

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..this week our olympic pool here at the Oasis Papagayo has been constantly at 28C, this winter is somewhat "normalised" compared to the last 2, meaning the regular Fuerteventura winter temperatures are back with well over 20C over the days and nights not too much cooler. And the team is getting the hang of how to maintain everything well, no incidents with none of the heatings. A good reason to get into the water a bit more often, swam 3.2, 1.4, 1.6, and 3km this week. Cycling had to suffer from too much other to-dos, 2x53km with some over-gearing up the little ramp to Vallebron from Tindaya's direction was what I got in, running was quite good compared with a 23km run, a 13km run with some 5km at 3:30 - 3:45min /km, a 14km run with 7km at that somewhat faster pace and an easy 10km run at about 4:50min / km. Soon I will try to start little by little with some pace-work on the bike to get used again to race pace towards the Ironman in May : )  

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Sun and famous ones

this past week we have been experiencing still the same weather more or less with the majority of the days having the wind coming from southerly directions. I can recall 2 days only which had more or less the normal northerly air movement. Loads of sun and the swimming pool without too much heating effort at 27C. So the 3 swims (3km each time) were a pleasure, apart from still being a bit out of shape in the water. Cycling was 90, 60 and 70km and I got 7, 9, 14 and 21km of running at easy paces except for 8km at some half Ironman distance pace at 3:30-3:40min per km within the 14k run. The past 2 weeks also had an olympic swim champion and Marcel Zamora (5times Ironman France and a number times Embrun winner) at the Papagayo, so  we are hosting some famous ones from time to time : ) 

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another week in paradise

...last week's been a bit on and off - running due to a minor injury was pretty slow, but I managed to get in 10, 8 and 20km. Cycling 90, 70, 45 and 130km at easy pace mainly with some medium paced over-gearing sections. Swam also 2x3km and 1x4.6km. People say I've become leaner... the trainng shows little by little : )

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south east winds

The winds have been blowing unusually from the south-east now for almost a month here on Fuerteventura. Today again which made the first part of the bike ride a bit sandy as we started through the dunes. Anyway a very good week lies behind me almost, with two additions coming tomorrow - another swim and a run of 20-25km. Got 4 rides in since monday, a 20km easy Mountainbike ride, a 90km, a 60km and a 130km ride on the race bike at a good base pace. Ran monday, tuesday, wednesday and friday mostly easy with a few km at faster pace up to 3:30min per km summing up to about 50km and swam 1x3km and 1x4.5km so far, longer intervals at easy paces. Now swimming will get a little trickier over the next weeks, during the holiday season we'll host a lot of swim groups at the Oasis Papagayo, but somehow it's for sure going to work : )

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another week closer

...another week closer to Ironman Lanzarote 2016. The closer we get, the more I feel like I "need" to train. Which is of course true due the years of "nothing" in between my last one in 2009 and now. Anyway - this week has been good again in terms of running, got 14,7, 20 and 24km in, within the 14 and 24km did some faster kilometers between 3:20 and 4:05min per km with the remainder mostly really easy at 4:20 - 5:00min/km. Swimming was a good week, too - 3x swim (3km, 3km and 3.4km) at easy pace with some 50's at least at what I would say is Ironman pace for me as of now (something like 1:27min/100m, phew very slow compared to when I was "young" but Ok in the end as I only am swimming a few weeks since starting again). Cycling was little, 2x50km and 1x65km at easy pace, but the phase with loads of other athletes here in the Oasis Papagayo is yet to come and along with that I will surely be able to do more on the bike. 

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Weeks's wrap up

another week has passed by and it's been a sunny one with the winds blowing from southerly directions for a change here on Fuerteventura. Today I was thinking (again) what a luxury - mid December and still way over 20C for the temperatures... 
Well, this week has been a bit up and down, due to a minor bad cold and a lot of things apart from training to be done, I only got 2x running (14km a little faster up to 3:25/km) and 20km very easy in, 3 rides of 68km, 32km and 25km, at good to easy base pace and a 1km, a 2km and a 3.5km swim workout. The olympic pool is at 27C so except for lack of time there would be no reason to not swim longer Innocent. All right - hungry now, have to make the cat (meanwhile 3 are coming home often to get their "hugs" and "treats") leave my bely and go grab some food!

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another one

This past week has been again a lot of running, only 2x managed to get on the ibke - 1x1h and 1x 92km at a good base pace. The runs - 1x24km with some km as fast as 3:45min/km -, 1x 10km, 1x21km the latter ones really easy at around 4:45min/km pace. Swimming 3x ... 2x1km and 1x2.5km, I'll try to get out tomorrow for another 20km run at base pace and a swim.
Tonight I have been busy with forwarding the next step of the new Joomla! tricoach component I am currently programming, a tcx file parser showing your data in a nice graph and if you lilke a map also whith your workout's route. The next days I will probably save that as an additional feedback of an athlete together wiith a workout (as image plus the average and some calculated values like based on NTP). Here is a previev on youtube

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in the making

this week still quite busy, I am currently working on the next version of my triathlon (and the new one any endurance sport) coaching component, the other one has become a bit rusty. The new one is for the latest Joomla 3 series and is based around jQuery Fullcalendar and single workouts instead of a whole week. That yields a lot more flexibility and the views can contain a lot more info on less space, allowing one to "do" everything from one place quickly. Here is a link to a quick uncommented preview . Training was good this week in terms of running - summed up to 80km, the knee is fine with it at the moment. On the bike much less and on the swim - 4.5km swim and 175km, respectively. 


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days passing quickly

wow, the last 6 days since my last post have past so fast! What's been up - These past days I got 1x50, 1x75 and 1x45km in on the race bike as well as 1x20km on the Mountainbike, with everything at very easy pace (with Hotel guests, Little by Little we now get to the winter Season with more active People coming over to Fuerteventura to escape the colder weather up North) and quite some running all easy as well - 1x18km, 2x10km, 2x7km and 1x12km. Swimming is more or less regular now - I try to get in 1000 - 1500m at least every other day, today I should be able to get into our olympic pool soon before placing the covers to Keep it warm during the night.

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...getting into some kind of rythm now, I think with my training. Yesterday ran 10km at easy pace, did 22km on the Mountainbike and swam 1000m, today went 65km on the race bike, including some over-gearing up the hill the steep side to Vallebron and swam 1500m. Tomorrow is running day, again... 

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nice weekend

I had a nice Training Weekend - Friday could run twice, very easy but it summed up to 18km,swam 3km,  Saturday went out on the bike 132km through the western mountains of Fuerteventura, swam 2000m and today I ran 21km at very easy pace plus 1500m swimming. Hope, I can keep the rythm and I will not only loose some weight but also get fit quite soon and feel like a real triathlete Laughing.  

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