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finally, back on Fuerteventura and moving! A very nice 5 weeks of holiday in Germany with my kids behind me, and the Ironman Lanzarote adventure in front: I have to get moving, finally! Back here thursday night, Friday then I started to train a little after the past about 3 weeks only having run a few times about 3.5km with my younter son, whom I presented running shoes back in Roth, he is sooooo motivated right now by watching the Challenge Race, that he wants to sign up for next year's Junior Challenge.. we also went for a couple of 20-50km rides at an easy pace, yet for a 10-year old it was not bad at all I must say. 
My older one can keep up easily, but is much more into computers... his wish was to program a Monopoly - like game during the holidays, so we did that together : ) 
Anyway the past 3 days I rode 3x mountainbike, 1h, 1:40h and 2:20hrs respectively at easy pace to get rolling again and ran 8 and 10km sloooowly. And: I swam 2 1000m .. !!! Today it was dark already when I was back from the ride so I will do another swim tomorrow!
OK back to some computer work now!

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