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Hi, everyone - interested in reading how I'm doing? This is where you will find what I am willing to share publicly ...

week's sum up

...this past week was pretty good in terms of training - swam 5 times! between 1500 and 3000m and by the end of the week felt much better and not exhausted after 15m already : ) . Biked 4x between 1:20hrs and 4hrs at mostly easy pace and ran 2x9 and 1x 20km at ~ 4:30min/km pace. The longer run already went a little smoother than last time, too. Trying to keep up the good spirit, today will use the lunch break for a ~ 1hr mountainbike ride and will be swimming tonight Laughing. I am getting hyped a little too with my material now that I do more and longer workouts... the saddle I have mounted at the moment... well on the 4hr ride on the race bike my but and right hamstring started to complain a little, so will change this soon. Also was searching the web for some run shoes that could help my knee whilst not being too soft and unreactive. Might have found something... but need to first try that out to be able to evaluate, really! Man, what a luxury is our weather here on Fuerteventura, I am simply happy daily when I stand up and the sun is up always, a triathlete's paradise this is!

inscription done
swim, swam, swum

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