b2ap3_thumbnail_Olaf_72P6975.jpgso... everything tagged with "training" will be usually just a short description of my daily training leading up to my Ironman Lanzarote 2016 adventure. Thought it'd be interesting to see what I train versus the outcome in the race later for everyone Laughing.

Being just back from my today's workout - had to go on "my stadium" loop - close-by (about 400m from the hotel) is a 1050m long rectangular place surrounded by streets with footwalk and bike lane; not much traffic and if so very slow. 

It also has lights - so simply ideal for running when it's dark already or when doing some intervals. Today we (our sales manager Chicho and I) warmed up on the newly finished bike paths down to the beach, then did 4x2km a bit faster on the "stadium loop" at 3:50 - 3:35min/km for the last one and cooled down 10min, overall a 13km run

Makes me happy - why? Just started running again 2 weeks ago with a 25min "jogg" at 6min/km pace - yielding quite a pain the next day in my quads... didn't run in about 6months....