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Ironman starts early

As we all know, the real challenge of an Ironman is to get in the necessary training on top of being busy with "real life" things... so I was a brave Ironman and did my running the past days shortly before midnight. Anyway, luckily I wasn't too tired so it was actually a lot of fun as even the main road here in Corralejo was "mine", very very little cars, 25C for temperature still and music on my ears. Got 2x swimming (2km each) and a 30min and a 48min run at some 4:30min/km average pace in plus a 3hr mountainbike ride at easy pace. So.. about the "Challenge Roth" news I promised: Will be part of a relay in 2016 over there, doing the marathon part. It will be a charity thing and I thought when I can prepare for Lanzarote 2016 I'll be ready to "just" run another marathon a few weeks later, too. 
Am on the wrong computer right now to attach some screenshots of one of the reasons why I am sooooo busy apart from the job as Oasis Papagayo Sport & Family, maybe later, then...

here I am again

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