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ho, ho, holidays

phew, almost 2 weeks since my last post! My kids were over for a good week during their autumn holidays and we had a lot of fun. The older one loves surfing which is one of the big sports here on Fuerteventura and the younger one tried to pr every day in the olympic pool - he is signed up for the Junior Challenge Race at Roth next year and super motivated Laughing.  Thus - I swam every day, not much but on average 1500m over the past 12 days. Got 3 rides of an hour in and 4 runs, 2x7 and 2x9km. And some tough soccer sessions with the kids !! At the Papagayo things are developing further - we'll sson get a new gym and we'll ramp up the sports animation program!

swim, swam, swum

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