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Hi, everyone - interested in reading how I'm doing? This is where you will find what I am willing to share publicly ...

felt good

...the past few days I kept rolling OK and actually today felt quite good when running although I did not do much of it - more on the mountainbike these days. Got 2x2hrs and 1x1.5hrs in on the mountainbike, with 1 of the workouts doing some of the climbs in over-gearing mode and a little faster and ran 2x (8km through the Dunes, phew - during the hot midday hours and 10km today running up to the firemen's / golf resort and then a few loops on the little frequented roads next to the Dunes) and 2x swimming - 2.5km and 2km. Yesterday felt somehow like a bad-cold, but today everything is gone again Cool. Our Mountainbike race 12th September as of today has more participants than last year, too - and usually there are quite some last-minute sign-ups.... soon starting to go out and mark the course, it is a good week of constant work each day tells last year's experience!

here I am again

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