what a heat this morning! The Calima seems to be back here, although during the earlier hours of the day with an unusual humidity on top of the well-known heay at. I was out on the Mountainbike to ride the shorter of the two options that the Fuertebike - the mountainbike race, we'll be organizing September 12th - offers. Should have brought more liquids - anyway after a refreshing litre of water1x at Oasis Papagayo's pool bar I was alive, again. The rest of the day flew past literally, just back from a quick 30min run I could finish just before midnight after a programming marathon, adding convenience functions to my race timing system and learning how to create windows apps. Will also have to find the time to program version 2 of my little coaching helper I have been using over the past years, needs to be updated to work with Joomla3 and I want it to be able to work with a minimum amount of "gadgets" to upload workouts and to display them in a monthly calendar view instead of simply weekly view. Training the past two days: 1000m swim in morning and evening yesterday, and 2x 1hr bike plus a 10km easy run.