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Another day in Paradise

My personal blog about my life and especially my way back to compete in an Ironman Race

decision made

...still not able to run. I am in physio treatment but at the moment to no avail. Anyway I made a decision - I will participate in the Ironman Lanzarote and prepare as good as possible over the remaining few weeks, to at least enjoy swimming and cycling. Yesterday I started getting back on track, not much time but of the 1hr ride 45min were at race pace and actually although I am definitely far from what I could do when I was in shape, the legs are coping allright with it. So I hope that at least the 180km bike part will be fun and not too slow - swiming will be a fight with the ocean but I would say I am at least on a "beat the hour" plan : )

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tourist or not

It's been quite a while since my last blog post and it's for not such a nice reason: Mainly I've not been training much exactly due to a calf injury since a number of weeks. Running is still impossible, but I am back on the bike more or less, and a lot of work is causing a miminal training schedule. I hope I can get rid soon of the injury - else I am going to enjoy the Ironman Race on Lanzarote until after the bike portion and then maybe walk... for sure it is now an even bigger adventure than ever before with a far less than usual preparation... Will now try to post updates more regularly, promise!

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rest of this week

This week has been a bit on an off, managed only to get 2x on the bike, but the Saturday ride was fun, 140km and a bit of hills : ). Had to skip the long run though this week but ran 4x in total (2x10, 1x11 and 1x5km, the latter in the middle of the night but I just had to move that day at least that little bit). Swimming ... also wasn't too good but at tleast I swam 4x although the total of 5.5km is not soooo much. The weather remains to just be awesome, Saturday was one of the nicest/easiest rides I experienced here so far due to the winds being quite low. 

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sign of live

...long since my last post! I am still alive, though Laughing and rolling on towards Ironman Lanzarote. At least 3x run, bike and swim the last two weeks I got in, mostly easy base pace - 40-50km running, 180-210km cycling and a week with 15!km swimming and the other with 8km. The last 3 days I had to try hard to avoid a bad cold which feels today like I succeeded by not overdoing - just ran twice 11 and 7km easy and swam 1000m the other day. Today back on the race bike with a nice 50km loop overgearing up the hill from Tindaya to Vallebron. Will hopefully get a swim in a little later before closing the olympic pool, too.
It's about time to get serious now with the workouts, a bit more than 3 months are left for the preparation... I guess I will be freaking out enough to start with some race pacing from next week and build that up slowly.

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..this week our olympic pool here at the Oasis Papagayo has been constantly at 28C, this winter is somewhat "normalised" compared to the last 2, meaning the regular Fuerteventura winter temperatures are back with well over 20C over the days and nights not too much cooler. And the team is getting the hang of how to maintain everything well, no incidents with none of the heatings. A good reason to get into the water a bit more often, swam 3.2, 1.4, 1.6, and 3km this week. Cycling had to suffer from too much other to-dos, 2x53km with some over-gearing up the little ramp to Vallebron from Tindaya's direction was what I got in, running was quite good compared with a 23km run, a 13km run with some 5km at 3:30 - 3:45min /km, a 14km run with 7km at that somewhat faster pace and an easy 10km run at about 4:50min / km. Soon I will try to start little by little with some pace-work on the bike to get used again to race pace towards the Ironman in May : )  

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