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Another day in Paradise

My personal blog about my life and especially my way back to compete in an Ironman Race

Where am I?

finally, back on Fuerteventura and moving! A very nice 5 weeks of holiday in Germany with my kids behind me, and the Ironman Lanzarote adventure in front: I have to get moving, finally! Back here thursday night, Friday then I started to train a little after the past about 3 weeks only having run a few times about 3.5km with my younter son, whom I presented running shoes back in Roth, he is sooooo motivated right now by watching the Challenge Race, that he wants to sign up for next year's Junior Challenge.. we also went for a couple of 20-50km rides at an easy pace, yet for a 10-year old it was not bad at all I must say. 
My older one can keep up easily, but is much more into computers... his wish was to program a Monopoly - like game during the holidays, so we did that together : ) 
Anyway the past 3 days I rode 3x mountainbike, 1h, 1:40h and 2:20hrs respectively at easy pace to get rolling again and ran 8 and 10km sloooowly. And: I swam 2 1000m .. !!! Today it was dark already when I was back from the ride so I will do another swim tomorrow!
OK back to some computer work now!

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Tour de Walheim

..today's race bike tour with my kids, measured on gpsies.com ... my 10-year old got definitely motivated by last week's Challenge race in Roth we visited... 33km with a lot of fun surges!


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....phew - holiday-time and I caught a bad cold recently. Anyway, enjoiying my time with my kids and got a number of nice workouts in, although not on a daily basis, which has to change after the holidays, for sure... ran 4x within the last 14 days, amongst those workouts an accdental 26km run, which worked out well, though and 3x11km at easy pace plus 3x easy 25km - 30km on the race bike. Visisted friends at Roth past weekend, thanks a lot to the Fehlners for another very nice time in Hilpoltstein! 

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long due

...long overdue: my next blogpost! the last 2 weeks where again pretty busy, but now I am on holidays for the next 5 weeks. Sports at the moment: Soccer, table tennis and cycling with my kids! The last 2 weeks I mainly got some running in (3xweekly 12km plus a 5 and a 7km run with hotel guests) and 4 cycling workouts, easy ones up to 70km. Will be visiting friends in Roth while the Challenge race is on, so see you there?

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..it has finally become quite hot on the island - the sun is up and intense and summer is approaching! The last days have been a pleasure working out, got in a very relaced mounty tour of 45km, two runs of 12km and today will try to run a little longer and ride about 2hrs with the race bike. From 25th this month I will be on holidays with the family... Cool. Before that I will greet some swim groups at the Oasis Papagayo and try to get in a lot of prep work to be done for our upcoming Fuertebike Mountainbike race.

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