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Another day in Paradise

My personal blog about my life and especially my way back to compete in an Ironman Race


seems like it is getting less humid... on the mountainbike in a few minutes Cool

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...felt a little bit like on big island, Hawaii the past days, it's quite humid still here on Fuerteventura, and this is not very common for the area. Anyway besides sweating a lot the past 3 days flew by and I got 3x swim (easy pace, mostly straight) 1000, 2000 and 2500m in and 3x running 7k through the dunes, 10 and 12km at some easy to regular base pace around 4:30min/km in. This evening hopefully about 2hrs on the mountainbike : ) Coming up soon... news related to Challenge Roth. More about that when it's fully "baked" ! 

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a nice day

this morning started with an almost 3h mountainbike ride at an enjoyable easy base pace with stunning views and some trails I had never tried before through beautiful valleys, went on with the obligatory sunday coffee after that ride; I started  to implement the new view of my little coaching component for Joomla into Joomla 3, swam 1500m and ran 10km at steady base pace. We still have some really hot temperatures or well, it feels ilke it because there is not so much wind as usual and a bit of humidity untypical for Fuerteventura, so even though I ran at 21:30 during the night, I sweat a lot... ! Let's see what tomorrow brings! 

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what a heat this morning! The Calima seems to be back here, although during the earlier hours of the day with an unusual humidity on top of the well-known heay at. I was out on the Mountainbike to ride the shorter of the two options that the Fuertebike - the mountainbike race, we'll be organizing September 12th - offers. Should have brought more liquids - anyway after a refreshing litre of water1x at Oasis Papagayo's pool bar I was alive, again. The rest of the day flew past literally, just back from a quick 30min run I could finish just before midnight after a programming marathon, adding convenience functions to my race timing system and learning how to create windows apps. Will also have to find the time to program version 2 of my little coaching helper I have been using over the past years, needs to be updated to work with Joomla3 and I want it to be able to work with a minimum amount of "gadgets" to upload workouts and to display them in a monthly calendar view instead of simply weekly view. Training the past two days: 1000m swim in morning and evening yesterday, and 2x 1hr bike plus a 10km easy run. 

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the last days yielde 3x mountainbike tour (1x2hrs, 2x1hour all easy) and 2 runs - 10 and 9km, at easy "come-back" pace, too as well as 2x swim - 1000 and 1200m straight. I was too busy today for another swim trying to test all kinds of paces and set-ups with our timing system to see if fast cyclists could ride over the finishline without being measured, but it seems up to some 40km/h that's virtually impossible : ) - we will be using it for our Fuertebike Mountainbike race September 12th.

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