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Another day in Paradise

My personal blog about my life and especially my way back to compete in an Ironman Race


..it has been simply awesome weather over the past days, not very windiy, neither. I trained on the mountainbke 3x sinceine last post (2hx2 and 1x1hr) and climbed a bit faster during one of them. Ran 2x12km and 1x20km around the volcano at around 4:30min/km pace - without much knee problems Laughing and got a 2.5km swim in our 25m pool and a 2km swim in the 50m pool of the townhouse in (our own olympic pool will re-open soon, it is currently being renovated). We already have 40% more inscriptions in our mountainbike race Fuertebike vs last year, so today again I will be quite busy preparing the race timiing, writing tag numbers and constructing tag holders for the bike forks..

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felt good

...the past few days I kept rolling OK and actually today felt quite good when running although I did not do much of it - more on the mountainbike these days. Got 2x2hrs and 1x1.5hrs in on the mountainbike, with 1 of the workouts doing some of the climbs in over-gearing mode and a little faster and ran 2x (8km through the Dunes, phew - during the hot midday hours and 10km today running up to the firemen's / golf resort and then a few loops on the little frequented roads next to the Dunes) and 2x swimming - 2.5km and 2km. Yesterday felt somehow like a bad-cold, but today everything is gone again Cool. Our Mountainbike race 12th September as of today has more participants than last year, too - and usually there are quite some last-minute sign-ups.... soon starting to go out and mark the course, it is a good week of constant work each day tells last year's experience!

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here I am again

...not very talkative the past days ... too busy. Apart from a lot of work I manage to run 2x12km and 1x10km, swam 2x (2000m and 1500m), and was out on the mountainbike for 3h and 2x2hrs since the last post. At the moment I am constructing a lot of "holders" for rfid tags - a homebrew solution works best for measuring results with the timing system I developed over the past 10 or so months when attaching the tags on metal surfaces. We'll need these to time our Fuertebike Mountainbike event 12th September. 

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Ironman starts early

As we all know, the real challenge of an Ironman is to get in the necessary training on top of being busy with "real life" things... so I was a brave Ironman and did my running the past days shortly before midnight. Anyway, luckily I wasn't too tired so it was actually a lot of fun as even the main road here in Corralejo was "mine", very very little cars, 25C for temperature still and music on my ears. Got 2x swimming (2km each) and a 30min and a 48min run at some 4:30min/km average pace in plus a 3hr mountainbike ride at easy pace. So.. about the "Challenge Roth" news I promised: Will be part of a relay in 2016 over there, doing the marathon part. It will be a charity thing and I thought when I can prepare for Lanzarote 2016 I'll be ready to "just" run another marathon a few weeks later, too. 
Am on the wrong computer right now to attach some screenshots of one of the reasons why I am sooooo busy apart from the job as Oasis Papagayo Sport & Family, maybe later, then...

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so last time I wrote I actually got 2hrs on the mountainbike in - still quite humid. Weather now is back to normal and in between I swam 2000m and 3000m - the 2000 straight, the 3000 as 2x (500 - 400 - 300 - 200 - 100)m, whereby each interval (supposedly for the moment....) got a little faster. Actually it felt better, the longer I was in the water. Well, some ways to go to get that back! Also rode my mountainbike for 2hrs yesterday and ran 12.5km at some 4:30min/km base pace, flying with a tailwind, and fighting a strong headwind on the way back. Shortly will ride 60km with the mountainbike, will last probably a bit more than 3hrs and hopefully will get another run in today and maybe even s swim.
Yesterday found a good way to attach the rfid tags for the race timing to mountainbike forks - using a very affordable solution with tags for approx. 12cent / piece, so they need some distance to metal to work fine. Problem solved so the mountainbike race "Fuertebike" that we'll be organizing can come up : )

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