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Another day in Paradise

My personal blog about my life and especially my way back to compete in an Ironman Race

swim, swam, swum

Past days I kept swimming - only missed 1 day not being able to escape to our 50m pool during the day. 1x3km and 2x2km during the lunch break, at easy pace with a few accelerations. Getting into a "groove" for some meters, loosing it again for the next, but the trendline goes up Laughing is the bottom line - I'll keep swimming as often as I can get it in until I feel back to something OK. Summed up also 5hrs of cycling - a mix of mountainbike and race bike - mostly easy pace with some over-gearing up the hills around, and got a short run of 7km in. Little by little we're to prepare the next edition (7th since it's roots) of the Dunas Half Marathon 31st October - our sponsored athletes Julia Viehllehner (recently 2nd at the world duathlon championships at Zofingen, Switzerland and finishing a half marathon in 1:16hrs just a week after that) and Kristin Möller, winner of Ironman Lanzarote 2013 are battling for the win this time in Corralejo's dune landscape!

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week's sum up

...this past week was pretty good in terms of training - swam 5 times! between 1500 and 3000m and by the end of the week felt much better and not exhausted after 15m already : ) . Biked 4x between 1:20hrs and 4hrs at mostly easy pace and ran 2x9 and 1x 20km at ~ 4:30min/km pace. The longer run already went a little smoother than last time, too. Trying to keep up the good spirit, today will use the lunch break for a ~ 1hr mountainbike ride and will be swimming tonight Laughing. I am getting hyped a little too with my material now that I do more and longer workouts... the saddle I have mounted at the moment... well on the 4hr ride on the race bike my but and right hamstring started to complain a little, so will change this soon. Also was searching the web for some run shoes that could help my knee whilst not being too soft and unreactive. Might have found something... but need to first try that out to be able to evaluate, really! Man, what a luxury is our weather here on Fuerteventura, I am simply happy daily when I stand up and the sun is up always, a triathlete's paradise this is!

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inscription done

...finally I'm inscribed at next year's IM Lanzaorte. And little by little trying to get more serious - this week I even did 3 swim workouts of 2-2.5km. Our olympic pool is open again after a repaint phase and it's incredibly nice in there, especially now with September and October having the nicest weather of the year with less wind, so I guess I won't have much difficulties motivating me to get into the water regularly from now on. 
Ran 2x12 and 1x21km this week, did 2x1.5hr and today 3:10hrs on the bike all at base pace and... will go for a splash later today as well. 

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Fin de semana

Fin de semana

quite a week - the Fuertebike mountainbike race we organized was a full success, thanks to the help of the Caima Club which made for many more volunteers than our first edition last year and the local community and politicians as well as police. No time for training literally but this weekend after the race I escaped on the mountainbike 2x 1.5hrs and ran 12km all at very easy pace to relax from the busy days. Cover picure of this post by www.majphotography.com awesome !

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what's up

another awesome day in paradise! I've been able to do at least one workout a day recently since my last post - 2x running (10 and 12km) at some base pace around 4:30min/km, 1x mountainbike - around the volcano ~ 1hr climbing with a bit more effort and today I am about to leave for a longer - maybe 20km-ish depending on the shape of my knee - easy run. Probably tryng the route parallel to the new unfinished autovia which is breathtaking for it's stunning views down to the white sands beaches from high above. We now reached almost 2x the inscription count of last year at our Mountainbikerace, so from tomorrow morning much of next week is going to be dedicated to get everything marked, prepared and organized!

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