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Another day in Paradise

My personal blog about my life and especially my way back to compete in an Ironman Race

simply awesome

.. at the moment we still are experiencing the "low-wind" season on Fuerteventura. This is simply awesome... so calm everything! Got 3 runs in over the past 2 days (10, 3, 12km at base pace), 1x swim 1500m straight actually not feeling too bad from 1000m onwards although I almost didn't swim since 2 weeks, and 2 bike rides each 1hr at base pace. Soon starting for the sportive endurance animation program point of the day at Oasis Papagayo, 65km race bike route over to the nice valley of Vallebron and back. 

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back online

Here I am again with a short post... still alive although it has been a while since my last sign of live over here. We organized the Dunas Half Marathon last week in Corralejo that's why it was a bit busy! To continue posting at least my training on the way to IM Lanzarote 16... I "collected" 5 bike rides over the past 14 days (1h 3x on the mountain bike, 1:40hrs on the race bike 2x, and 6 runs (5,7,10, 21 and 24 km) all at base pace plus 3x swim (2x 1500m, 1x1000m) ... not much but things get better from Monday regardin time slots for workouts! This weekend I will visit my parents on Teneriffe who are there for a holiday, but then no further excuses to get ready seriously for next year's race. 

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can you believe it?

unbelievable, but it happened - the most famous mountain bike race here on Fuerteventura with 2000 participants, the FUDENAS (Fuerte del Norte al Sur) has been cancelled this weekend, due to weather caprioles. There was one of the rare rain and thunderstorm warnings for this weekend and the organization reacted quick. Luckily or not, the rain now is over, just coming back from a run workout, very enjoyable as the air is clean and fresh as not often in this rather hot environment of the Canaries. Anyway many of the participants will do the "race" as a regular workout or community ride, either one as they see fit, as supposedely the weather will be fine tomorrow other than the first forecasts said for race day. I'll not make it but will try to get a ride in between some things at work and another swim. Since my last post I got 4x swims in 1200 - 3000m mainly straight and easy, but feeling less tired now than only 2 weeks ago, so at least I am improving this a little. Also ran 8, 12 and 10km (the 10 today) at some 4:30min/km base pace. 

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...a little difficult over the past days, a week of holidays makes for having to catch up with things at work. But I managed to get a 140km easy ride in, 3 swims (3000, 1500 and 2000m) and a 20km run. Tomorrow 2 easy bike rides are in the planning so I am rolling definitely. What a luxury we have over here in terms of weather - hearing daily from "up north" that it already is getting cold and rainy elsewhere. We're approaching our Dunas Half Marathon now with big steps and it will be a very interesting race, primarily in the women's where Kristin Möller and Julia Viehllehner (who recently won the Munich marathon) and maybe last year's overall winner from Spain again will fight for the crown on unusual grounds - the sandy white sands dunes of Corralejo.

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ho, ho, holidays

phew, almost 2 weeks since my last post! My kids were over for a good week during their autumn holidays and we had a lot of fun. The older one loves surfing which is one of the big sports here on Fuerteventura and the younger one tried to pr every day in the olympic pool - he is signed up for the Junior Challenge Race at Roth next year and super motivated Laughing.  Thus - I swam every day, not much but on average 1500m over the past 12 days. Got 3 rides of an hour in and 4 runs, 2x7 and 2x9km. And some tough soccer sessions with the kids !! At the Papagayo things are developing further - we'll sson get a new gym and we'll ramp up the sports animation program!

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